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Set in Los Angeles, To Live Forever is a modern adaptation of the Greek myth of Sybil the prophetess who sleeps with Apollo in exchange for eternal life. Sybil fails to heed the warnings of her sister Cassandra and the goddess Aphrodite who both do their best to protect her from Apollo’s charms – and her own folly. Eventually she realizes living forever isn’t all she had hoped it would be… but is it too late?


I first told the story of Sybil as a one-woman show which I developed a few years after my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She lived for many years with the disease and when initially coping with the symptoms she said to me, “Jennifer, why can’t I just die?” At first the statement struck me as sad but over the years I realized the wisdom of her words. Death is a natural process and despite my fears, it is part of the progression of life. I found the story of Sybil the prophetess – one I hadn’t remembered from my school days studying Greek mythology and decided to tell my story through her.

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